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SAINT VITUS - INTERVIEW 1989 - Hang 'em High zine #2

So here we are with the band that so many hate and so many love!! I love them! I think their sound is cool and very original and I love slow doom metal! Actually I think VITUS new stuff is a lot better than the stuff TROUBLE showed on their latest lp. Judge for yourselves! Let’s start with some background history. Guitarist Dave Chandler was asked to give a brief introduction on VITUS.

"We've been around for about nine years, and we've basically heen the some people, obviously you know about the change of singers. For a while we were a three piece with me singing, we ll we just played the clubs in L.A. and got banned from most of'em! Then we finally met BLACK BLACK through another SST band, OVERKILL, they wanted to do a lp and that's about it! We‘ve just been touring with them twice and touring on our own.  He just made one with THE MENTORS!‘

You've had a lot of shit from people saying that you play too slow and boring and that you're worthless songwriter! Why do you think people say all that shit??

"The reason people say that shit is because of our kind of music, like me and you 1ike. It's not popular anymore hopefully it will be, back in the older days that was the only kind of metal there was. And I dont consider to speed metal!‘

Do you really get a lot of shit from people in the streets calling you hippies and shit like in the song "Born Too Late"??

'Yeah, we really do get a lot of shit, we got people people yelling like ‘Urk!!' and "Cut your haire' and stuff like that. I got the original lyrics from our old singer Scott Reagers. He was in department store down here with his girlfriend and she was bying clothes. He had his back turned and a saleslady came up to him and said ‘Can I help you MISS!!'and he turned his back and said No .

Do you listen to a lot of doom metal? Any new hands you like??

“I listen to a lot of doom metal meaning slow bands, all the bands I can find. I don‘t really know any new bands ,there's supposed to be one called DREAM DEATH, but I heard they were half thrash too so I‘m not sure, you know about thedoom bands I know and you probably know more bands than I do,obviously!'

Have you heard any Swedish bands? How about MERCY,NEMISIS or CANDLEMASS and how would you like playing a gig with for example CANDLEMASS??

"I would like to hear some Swedish bands, I’ve never heard MERCY, i'd like to.
The same goes for NEMESIS. The only CANDLEMASS I‘ve heard is what you hear me playing!(Solitude) If CANDLEHASS comes to America tell them definately would like to play with them!"

How often do you look behind yourselves??

"I don‘t know ,I look behind me whenever I hear weird fucking noises!!'

What kind of audience do you have, do you have lot‘s of fights at your gigs??

"We usually dont have a lot of fights unless were playing with a bigger band than us who are playing thrash and then sometimes you know the fights just break out no matter what. Our audience is a pretty good mix between punks and longhairs.‘

Hows the following for VITUS worldwide??

"1 don‘t know really cus I only know about recordsales and what letters tell us.‘

Future plans?

"Hell, our future plan is just to keep recording. And touring as well."